About Us

UZLEX brand, located in Riga, Latvia and managed by WMT Baltic ltd., produces Doming Machinery and two-component resin, as well as supplies all the required consumables for the technology. Having a big experience in manual and automatic doming system, we offer qualitative equipment and support our customers worldwide. 

UZLEX Machinery is used to make doming stickers and labels of various shapes and sizes, as well as dispensing of liquids of different consistency. Two-component polyurethane resins of different hardness are used to produce logos, advertising and design lettering and graphics for application almost on all types of surfaces: glass, metal, painted surfaces, textiles, etc. 

Why Doming?

Polyurethane label protects the logo and image from all the external factors. Specially developed formula of UZLEX resin has unique characteristics. Domed label is:

  • Durable: the chemical formula of resin allows us to state that it protects the printed sticker for many years;
  • Does not turn yellow: the resin may loose only 3% of transparency in 5 years;
  • Temperature stable: temperature stability range is from -40 to 150 ° C;
  • Does not crack or scratch: due to resin's unique formula, it will stretch, shrink, but not crack;
  • Safe: it is an excellent dielectric and not combustible;
  • Non toxic: it does not contain toxic materials.


Doming technology has been presented to a variety of markets on advertising fairs: